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a Car Accident

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A car accident can be extremely painful, resulting in financial hardships, emotional anguish, and bodily damage. For individuals impacted, it is essential to comprehend the procedure for pursuing compensation for these injuries. This is a thorough guide to handling injury claims following a vehicle collision.

Introduction: Understanding Injury Claims in a Car Accident

A car accident is defined as one in which the vehicle collides with another object. This applies to other vehicles, persons, and objects like buildings and animals. According to data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) in February 2020, road traffic crashes claim the lives of about 1.350 million people annually. The injuries sustained in these incidents rank highest among individuals aged five to 29. The financial burden of treating the various aftermaths of these crashes also costs many nations three percent of their gross domestic product on average.

a Car Accident crashes can cause serious injuries, ranging from small bumps to trauma that changes a person’s life. But a lot of people don’t know that they have rights when it comes to getting paid for these injuries.

If a person or a piece of property is struck, the victim may try to recover any damages to which they may be entitled through the legal system. But in New York, an individual hurt in a car accident will almost always be entitled to the minimum amount of lost wages and medical expenses covered by the No-Fault system. Therefore, in order to recover additional damages, like pain and suffering or additional economic damages, an injured party must be able to prove that they have suffered what the law refers to as a “significant injury.”

In the unlikely event that a settlement could not be reached in advance with the parties responsible for the negligence, a hired attorney would fight to defend the victim’s claim to compensation in a civil court if the accident was not their fault.

What are Potential Recoverable Damages After a Car Accident

In the event that a victim decides to pursue a claim for damages—usually by hiring an automobile accident attorney—and is awarded money, they may be eligible for both non-economic and economic damages.

In the event of a car accident, recoverable damages consist of:

  • Economic damages: These will be given to the sufferer in recognition of their financial struggles. The majority of these difficulties are typically related to medical bills, care, operations, and rehabilitation expenses. But these frequently involve missing work while recovering, along with possible property damage and other accident-related financial losses.
  • Non-economic damages: These damages will be associated with more subjective forms of suffering, including the emotional toll an accident caused on the injured party. A few instances of this are anxiety and depression. Certain victims take solace in the knowledge that personal injury attorneys have the ability to consult with medical professionals to provide additional details about their pain if their case is successful and moves forward with any kind of settlement negotiations.

Immediate Steps After a Car Accident

a Car Accident, the initial actions are vital. Getting medical help and reporting the incident to the police are essential for any subsequent injury claims.

Types of Car Accidents

Although each collision is distinct, there are trends in the way that crashes happen. You might be able to prevent an accident if you are aware of them.

The most common types of car accidents in Texas are

Rear-End Collisions

a Car Accident Drivers who are following too closely or who are not paying enough attention to the road frequently cause rear-end collisions. When a driver in traffic doesn’t give the car in front enough room, the following driver might not have enough time or space to brake in time to prevent getting into an accident in the event that the traffic stops abruptly. Rear-end crashes are frequently caused by inattentive driving, intoxicated driving, and sleepy driving.

Even though they frequently cause the collision by traveling too close to the leading car, the rear driver is not always to blame for accidents. a Car Accident If the front driver reversed without cause or stopped abruptly in a traffic lane, they may be held liable.

Rear-end collision injuries can range in severity from moderate to serious. Rear-end accident victims can sustain serious injuries such fractured bones, neck injuries, and spinal cord injury even at modest speeds.

Head-On Collisions

Although they are less frequent than other forms of motor accidents, head-on collisions are among the most dangerous. a Car Accident The force of the collision is increased because both vehicles are traveling in the same direction.

Because of this, head-on collisions are far more likely than other kinds of auto accidents to cause serious injuries or even death.

Distracted driving, driving while intoxicated, driver weariness, speeding, and careless driving are common causes of head-on crashes. Head-on accidents can result in severe injuries, such as shattered bones, internal organ damage, spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, and more.

Side-Impact Collisions

a Car Accident When two vehicles traveling in opposite directions collide at an angle that is perpendicular to each other, it results in a side-impact accident. When the cars meet, they frequently take the shape of a “T.”

Particularly at risk in side-impact incidents are the occupants of the struck car. Compared to the front and back ends of a vehicle, the sides of a vehicle have less mass to absorb force during a collision.

Drivers that ignore traffic signs and signals, fail to yield at intersections, or both frequently cause side-impact collisions. a Car Accident A driver who causes a side-impact collision while intoxicated, distracted, or operating a vehicle carelessly may be held financially responsible for any injuries that other drivers in the incident suffer.

Sideswipe Accidents

When two or more cars are going parallel to one another and one of them sideswipes the other automobile, an accident occurs. Side-impact incidents are often caused by drivers who swivel their heads to inspect their blind zones before merging or changing lanes.

Because of the potential for one or both vehicles to lose control and fly off the road or into oncoming lanes of traffic, side-swipe collisions are risky. A Car Accident The cars might collide with oncoming traffic, bicycles, people, or anything off the side of the road.

Sideswipe collisions can result in serious injuries, particularly if there is another collision shortly after the first one. Whiplash, fractured bones, brain trauma, spinal cord damage, internal organ damage, and head injuries are among the common injuries. Driver inattention, speeding, recklessness, distraction, and impairment are common causes of sideswipe collisions.

Single-Vehicle Accidents

A Car Accident frequent are single-vehicle collisions. Single-vehicle collisions typically happen when a driver hits an object in their path, like a truck tire tread, an animal, or goods that has been dropped. Single-vehicle accidents can happen when a danger pushes a car off the road and into something like a guardrail, light pole, or other obstruction.

The car may roll over or tumble into a ditch, depending on where the collision happens. Even if there is only one car involved, these collisions can result in serious casualties if the car rolls over or hits a big, heavy item.

A Car Accident Drivers who abuse drugs or alcohol, drive when extremely tired, speed, inclement weather, and animals on the road are all common causes of single-vehicle crashes. Certain single-vehicle collisions are brought on by the carelessness of another person; examples include poorly planned work zones on the road or irresponsible driving that forces another vehicle to swerve and go off the road in order to avoid colliding with the irresponsible driver.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Three or more automobile accidents might have disastrous consequences. When several vehicles are involved, there is a greater chance that someone will be hurt and that there will be more insurance plans available to pay for those injuries. A rear-end collision with a chain reaction frequently results in multi-vehicle accidents.

A Car Accident The people inside the middle vehicle may sustain catastrophic injuries when it is wedged between two other automobiles.

Rollover Accidents

Numerous factors can lead to rollover accidents, which are more likely to result in catastrophic injuries. Anyone inside a moving car who is flipped over frequently sustains severe injuries. Vehicle fires caused by fuel spills or cargo that ignites can result from rollover accidents. A Car Accident These fires can cause more injuries or can be fatal if the vehicle explodes.

A Car Accident, a rollover collision may result in the ejection of the driver or passengers, which could result in severe injuries. Rollover crashes can be caused by a variety of factors, such as driving too fast, driving while intoxicated, driving off the shoulder, and being forced off the road by other cars or objects.

Blind Spot Accidents

Although it’s expected of all drivers to examine their blind areas before merging or changing lanes, this practice isn’t always followed. Drivers can easily cause a blind spot accident by colliding with another vehicle while neglecting to check their blind zones. One of the most frequent causes of sideswipe accidents is also driver error.

Motorbikes and small automobiles can vanish from view when a larger vehicle is in its blind spot. Due to their diminutive size, they are particularly susceptible to side-wipe accidents. Due to their disproportionately greater blind areas, large trucks pose a major risk to other drivers. Blind spot incidents have the potential to cause serious injuries, depending on the speed, angle of impact, and other variables.

A variety of injuries, including whiplash and traumatic brain damage, can result from auto accidents. When requesting compensation, it is crucial to comprehend the severity of these injuries.

Determining Liability in Car Accidents

The determination of culpability is crucial in injury lawsuits. Liability is determined in part by elements such as eyewitness reports, traffic infractions, and negligence.

When to Pursue an Injury Claim

It’s crucial to know when to seek compensation. It’s crucial to comprehend deadlines and legal criteria before submitting an injury claim.

A Car Accident Lawyers Holding Liable Parties Responsible for a Victim’s Hardships

A Car Accident In the face of injustice, our personal injury team at Friedman & Simon, L.L.P. is equipped to fight for a victim’s right to the compensation they may be entitled to. As we move through the claim and litigation process, we provide our clients with regular updates on their situations. Our ultimate objective is to hold these at-fault persons financially liable for the suffering that their careless behavior has caused. We strive to identify the liable parties.

We work to acquire all pertinent evidence in your case in order to construct the strongest and most persuasive case possible in order to prosecute your particular claim as successfully as possible. Our staff can calculate a value for your case that fully compensates you for all of your damages by learning every detail of your accident. To provide a more accurate picture of the damages you might be entitled to, this may include calling on expert witnesses such as economists, life care planners, and vocational rehabilitation specialists.

New York Civil Practice Laws & Rules Section 214 establishes a statute of limitations for personal injury cases. In addition, there are other crucial time constraints that are applicable to both claims and litigation. Therefore, it is ideal that we get in touch with you and schedule a meeting as soon as possible to begin assisting you, whether you live on Long Island or anywhere else in the New York metropolitan area. Our chances of putting together the best case we can for you increase with the promptness of your communication with us.

Important elements in the compensation procedure include retaining legal counsel and meticulously recording losses and injuries.

Factors Affecting Compensation

The total compensation sum is determined by taking into account medical costs, missed income, and future earnings.

Negotiating a Settlement

Strategies for successful negotiations and the value of legal assistance in obtaining a just settlement.

The Trial Process for Injury Claims

getting ready for court appearances and being aware of how long an injury claim trial takes.

Importance of Expert Witnesses and Evidence

During judicial proceedings, injury claims are considerably strengthened by expert witnesses and compelling evidence.

Impact of Comparative Fault

Recognizing partial liability under state law and how it affects compensation.

Understanding Statute of Limitations

being aware of the deadlines for submitting claims as well as any potential exceptions or extensions.

The Emotional Toll of Pursuing Compensation

managing emotional pain while figuring out the compensation procedure and the resources for assistance that are available.


After a car accident, getting compensation is a critical first step toward getting well. For individuals impacted, being aware of the procedure and their rights is liberating.


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