Best Legal Waters Your Guide to a Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL now 2024

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Best Legal Waters Your Guide to a Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL now 2024

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Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL We are vigorously defending accident victims as personal injury and vehicle accident attorneys in Florida and Georgia. We are here to help, with ten fully staffed offices and a staff of over twelve attorneys who are veterans of the armed forces. Our attorneys have served tours of duty in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, and as veterans, we bring the same spirit of devotion, dedication, and passion to your case.

With six investigators, more than 100 professional support staff members, and renowned Jacksonville car accident attorneys with over 200 years of combined expertise, our big team is equipped to provide accident victims the individualized care they need and deserve during their time of need. You are choosing a law firm that cares about your health and your claim when you work with us. Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL We will ensure that your rights are upheld and that you are kept fully informed at every stage because we take both extremely seriously. Our company takes great satisfaction in offering you the individualized attention and strong advocacy you need and deserve.

Unexpected events like car accidents can have serious financial, emotional, and bodily repercussions. It might be difficult to navigate Jacksonville, Florida’s legal system following an automobile accident. On the other hand, the success of your case may significantly change if you have the best automobile accident attorney on your side.

The Crucial Role of a Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Having a trustworthy and knowledgeable car accident attorney becomes crucial when dealing with the aftermath of an automobile accident. These legal experts provide crucial advice and direction throughout the legal process and specialize in managing instances involving auto accidents.

Why Choose Our Florida Accident Lawyers

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL While no one’s injury or loss can be healed by our firm, we can and will assist you in recovering damages for your pain and suffering, loss of life’s enjoyment, disability, lost wages from the past and present, and future medical costs, among other possible losses. Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Our Jacksonville accident lawyers are knowledgeable about every facet of a compensation claim, and we work hard to optimize our clients’ recoveries for every possible circumstance.

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Every case is taken seriously by the accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Ron Sholes, P.A., whether it involves soft tissue injuries, accidents affecting the brain, spine, or other internal organs, other significant injuries, or the untimely death of a loved one.

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL In addition to causing suffering and loss for the injured person and their family, many injuries sustained in auto and truck accidents can be fatal or severely crippling. You might become totally incapacitated and reliant on others to perform even the most basic duties if you suffer a back injury. Depending on your insurance, the medical expenses for injuries sustained in car and truck accidents could run into the hundreds of dollars.

Expertise and Experience in Car Accident Cases

Securing a good conclusion in a vehicle accident case is greatly dependent on the experience and expertise of the attorney. Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Seek out lawyers that have a track record of effectively defending clients in cases like this.

Local Knowledge and Understanding of Jacksonville, FL Laws

A vehicle accident attorney who is knowledgeable about Jacksonville’s particular laws and rules can offer customized counsel and case tactics, improving the chances of a successful outcome.

Track Record of Success and Client Testimonials

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL To determine how well a lawyer handles auto accident cases and ensures client satisfaction, look up the lawyer’s success rate and read through client testimonials.

Initial Consultation and Case Evaluation

To evaluate the merits of your case, the majority of respectable attorneys provide a free initial session. Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Take advantage of this chance to go over the specifics of the collision and determine whether the attorney is a good fit for your needs.

Fee Structures and Payment Arrangements Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL

Prior to beginning the legal process, familiarize yourself with the lawyer’s fee schedules and payment plans to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

Communication and Updates Throughout the Case

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL It’s essential to communicate well. Make sure the attorney stays in constant communication with you throughout the legal process and gives you updates on a regular basis.

Understanding Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Laws in Florida

It’s essential to communicate well. Make sure the attorney stays in constant communication with you throughout the legal process and gives you updates on a regular basis.

Role of Comparative Fault in Car Accident Cases

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Under Florida’s comparative fault system, the amount of compensation can be lowered in accordance with the level of fault. A knowledgeable attorney can help safeguard your legal rights and lessen the effects of joint fault.

Statute of Limitations in Filing Car Accident Claims in Florida

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL It is essential to comprehend the deadlines for submitting claims. To safeguard your case, a lawyer can make sure that all the documentation is submitted by the deadline.

Maximizing Compensation and Negotiating with Insurance Companies

An experienced attorney can bargain with insurance providers on your behalf to obtain just compensation that pays for lost income, medical costs, and other damages.

Access to a Network of Resources and Professionals

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Skilled attorneys can leverage their network of expertise, such as medical doctors and accident reconstruction experts, to bolster your case.

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL It can be quite difficult to navigate the legal complexities of a vehicle accident case. By handling paperwork, deadlines, and court cases, a lawyer can reduce stress while you concentrate on getting well.

Why Are There So Many Car Accidents in Jacksonville?

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Jacksonville is located in Duval County, which saw over 24,000 auto accidents in 2021. Why?

Congestion, excessive traffic, and drug and alcohol use may be caused by a variety of local events and attractions. Car crash rates can be influenced by all of these factors.

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Furthermore, Jacksonville has a lot of locations that could provide the ideal environment for carelessness, distraction, or driver error.

Here are a few of these local events and attractions.

High Population And Heavy Tourism Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL More than 954,000 people call Jacksonville home, according to the most recent U.S. Census. It’s a popular destination, the first city you come to on I-95 when traveling through the state of Florida.

Jacksonville is among the top 10 tourist destinations, according to The Florida Times-Union. The distance between Jacksonville International Airport and the city is only 13 miles. People with diverse driving patterns from all over the world are drawn in by this.

There will inevitably be collisions with so many individuals.

Dangerous Intersections In Jacksonville

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Due to hazardous roads and intersections, vehicle, truck, and motorbike accidents can all happen in Jacksonville.

Beach Boulevard at St. Johns Bluff Road is the most hazardous intersection in Duval County, according to News4Jax. At one intersection alone in 2016, there were 39 collisions that were reported.

This intersection and others like to it are situated close to Jacksonville’s rapidly expanding neighborhoods, which are home to new homes, buildings, and shopping malls. This indicates that there are frequent occurrences of excessive traffic, which raises the possibility of auto accidents in certain regions.

The Five Most Dangerous Intersections in Jacksonville and Duval County: 

  1. Merril Road and the Arlington Expressway: This crossroads is one of the city’s primary north-south thoroughfares and sees a lot of traffic. There is a considerable risk of accidents at this location because it has several high-speed routes and connecting roads.
  2. St. Johns Bluff Road and Beach Boulevard are in a densely populated area, which raises the risk of accidents because of heavy traffic. The intersection’s numerous driveways can make navigating challenging, and the stoplights there are frequently operated improperly.
  3. Gate Parkway and Southside Boulevard are well-known for their speeding, red light running, and illegal turn patterns. There is a great chance of collisions because of the sheer number of cars on the road at any given time.
  4. In Jacksonville, Blanding Boulevard and 103rd Street have come to represent danger, murder, and death. There is a lot of traffic in this crowded region, so drivers frequently speed or take chances to get past fast.
  5. San Jose Boulevard and University Boulevard meet frequently, causing traffic jams and inappropriate turns by drivers.

Top-Rated Car Accident Attorneys Serving Jacksonville

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL It’s critical to seek professional legal counsel after an automobile accident so you can determine whether to proceed with submitting a claim. When you file, you should have a group of personal injury lawyers on your side who have the skills, resources, and expertise to get you the maximum amount of money for your losses.

For more than thirty years, the law offices of Florin|Roebig have assisted Florida people in their pursuit of compensation for personal injuries. Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL We are now prepared to deploy our resources on behalf of Jacksonville accident victims.In fact, we are so good at helping victims of auto accidents that other law firms frequently recommend us to their clients!


Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Financial compensation for various types of injuries or losses resulting from an automobile accident may be provided, depending on the particulars of the case. Our Jacksonville automobile accident attorneys may thoroughly examine all of your financial, psychological, and bodily damage to ascertain what a reasonable settlement or award would be before taking legal action.

The “no-fault” approach for settling auto accident claims is enforced in Florida. All drivers must have their own auto insurance with personal injury protection, according to state law. Regardless of how the collision occurred, the drivers involved in an automobile accident look to their insurance coverage to recover their losses. Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL If you are involved in a small auto accident, filing an insurance claim may help you get out of it really fast. A personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault motorist, however, may improve your reimbursement if your losses above the limits of your insurance policy.

It is possible to receive compensation for the following kinds of losses or injuries:

  • cost of treatment, including ongoing medical bills. All medical expenses incurred by the plaintiff as a result of the defendant’s actions are the defendant’s responsibility. Your lawyer can help you collect any proof you might need to demonstrate the complete extent of the medical issues your personal injury has brought about.
  • physical therapy in addition to continuing care. A personal injury lawsuit aims to compensate the sufferer for any necessary medical care in order to make them as “whole” as possible following their ordeal. The client may require years of rehabilitative care if they experienced a traumatic brain injury or any other severe bodily harm. When a personal injury necessitates continual therapy and treatment, the defendant assumes obligation for all related treatment costs.
  • Medical supplies, medication, and travel expenses to and from medical appointments. An experienced attorney will help their client carefully track every medical expense resulting from the car accident to ensure the defendant is held appropriately accountable.
  • harm to your car or any other personal belongings. Auto insurance may pay for a portion of the cost of fixing your car, but you can pursue the remaining amount in your personal injury lawsuit if your property losses are greater than what the insurer would pay.
  • lost income, including the possibility of losing future pay or perks. A serious auto accident can keep you out of the office for a while. The amount of money you lost from work while recovering is the defendant’s fault. Furthermore, the defendant bears liability if you suffered a lasting impairment that limits your ability to make a living.
  • emotional trauma, including misery, anguish, and a diminished quality of life. It probably sounds hard to explain this in monetary terms. Nonetheless, depending on the severity of the plaintiff’s experience, a competent attorney will assist their client in determining a reasonable amount of pain and suffering compensation to include in their civil action. Any plaintiff who is permanently harmed as a result of the defendant’s activities is probably entitled to a sizable settlement for their pain and suffering.
  • Expenses associated with burial or a funeral for people killed in auto accidents. Personal injury claims are replaced by wrongful death claims in cases when victims of auto accidents pass away. If you have lost a loved one in a deadly accident, it’s critical to contact an attorney with experience with this type of case because Florida has special laws governing wrongful death claims.

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Our objective is to seek full compensation so that you can have the greatest chance possible to start over in life. Your future could be impacted by any auto accident in a number of ways. You have the right to hold someone accountable and seek damages for the harm they have done to you and your family if they are the cause of such a major catastrophe.


Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL As skilled trial attorneys, we are aware that the irresponsible motorist and their insurance provider may not be the only parties involved in your vehicle accident case. Multiple irresponsible parties may be involved in a situation that seems to be straightforward. The no-fault rule for auto accidents in Florida may provide some quick relief through your auto insurance policy, but if your damages exceed your coverage, you have the option to file a civil lawsuit. A skilled Jacksonville auto accident lawyer may help a client with examining the specifics of their insurance, submitting a claim for reimbursement, and managing communications with the insurance provider.

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Our Jacksonville car accident attorneys will utilize every tool at our disposal to determine what caused your collision and seek the highest amount of money from all parties responsible, such as:

  • Product liability pertaining to automakers, wholesalers, retailers, and additional vendors. Should any faulty component have contributed to your mishap, you have the option to hold the manufacturer responsible. It’s also likely that the same item has caused comparable problems for other drivers. If you would benefit from joining a class action lawsuit, your attorney can provide you advice on that.
  • a government organization that neglected to maintain the integrity of a roadway or created an unsafe route. Even if it is conceivable, bringing a civil lawsuit for damages against the government is far more challenging and subject to tougher regulations than bringing a lawsuit against other private parties. It is imperative that you seek legal counsel from a Jacksonville automobile accident attorney with experience in handling similar cases if you have to make any civil claims against governmental entities.
  • incidents in which numerous cars and insurance policies are involved. Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Liability issues pertaining to accidents involving many drivers can often give rise to challenging inquiries. Furthermore, multiple drivers may be at fault for injuries sustained by multiple third parties. An expert lawyer is the best person to speak with if you have any concerns regarding complex culpability for a vehicle accident in Jacksonville.
  • incidents involving ridesharing applications like Uber, Lyft, or others. Despite the fact that ridesharing services are widely used, reasonably priced, and practical, incidents involving rideshare drivers frequently result in intricate insurance claims and legal issues. In a rideshare collision, a Jacksonville auto accident lawyer can be a critical resource for your healing process, regardless of whether you were the driver or the passenger.
  • The restaurant that overserved intoxicated drivers. It is legally required of any place that serves alcohol to cease serving it to any customer who is obviously intoxicated. Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Regretfully, some businesses will keep serving alcohol to customers long after this happens, failing to realize that such customers could eventually cause fatal auto accidents. We can assist you in making sure a local firm is held partially accountable for your losses if your recent auto accident suggests they are.
  • drivers who are distracted. Distracted driving is the most often cited factor in all car accidents reported in the United States each year. Anything that diverts a driver’s eyes, hands, or attention from the road, including using a cell phone while driving, has the potential to result in a catastrophic collision.

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL In complicated auto accident cases, the Spohrer Dodd Trial Attorneys team has successfully defended numerous clients in the Jacksonville region. We are aware of the typical difficulties encountered by accident victims as they go through their insurance claims and think about bringing civil lawsuits against the at-fault drivers. Our staff will investigate the specifics of your accident to ascertain who is at fault. The entire range of damages you may pursue in a personal injury claim against the at-fault party will then be calculated with your assistance.


It’s not unusual for the other driver and their insurance provider to assert that you were somewhat to blame for the collision. Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL To deflect attention from themselves, they can present evidence of your speeding or quote you from the scene. Fortunately, even if the wounded party had some role in the accident, they can still get compensation under Florida’s pure comparative fault legislation.

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL A jury will decide how much of the accident’s blame each motorist bears under comparative fault. That amount will be subtracted from your original award if you are the plaintiff. For instance, you would receive a final award of $80,000 if a jury determined you to be 20% at blame for the crash yet awarded you $100,000 in damages.

Similar guidelines apply to settlements with the insurance company, which are based on what would probably happen in the event that the case went to trial. You should speak with an attorney right away if you think you may be somewhat to blame for your most recent accident. Comparative blame reduces your ultimate recovery, even though Florida’s pure comparative negligence statute guarantees that you can still obtain compensation for your losses in a personal injury claim.

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Physical evidence in the form of impact marks on the road, records from traffic cameras that filmed the accident as it happened, and marks on the road may all be necessary to establish fault in your recent auto accident. An automobile accident lawsuit may also depend heavily on eyewitness testimony. Regardless of how your accident occurred, having the advice and assistance of a Jacksonville automobile accident lawyer will be quite helpful as you work through the challenging legal processes required to get the compensation you are entitled to.


Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL, you need to consult your auto insurance policy right away for coverage following an accident. You might expect to see very precise terms in your policy about the need to disclose your recent accident. It is always recommended to notify your insurance company of your accident as soon as possible. Although it’s not always necessary to file a claim right away, not reporting an accident in accordance with your policy’s requirements could compromise the amount of money you get paid in the end.

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL It is legally required of all American insurers to handle claims in good faith. The insurance provider must first look into your claim to make sure it is valid. Then, in accordance with the terms of your policy, they are legally obligated to pay you the relevant coverage for your losses. Comprehensive lists of permitted damages are included with every auto insurance policy.

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL While the majority of vehicle insurance claims are settled quite quickly and drivers receive their settlement cheques shortly after filing, some drivers have had less luck when dealing with their insurance providers. In cases when insurers offer lowball settlements to exploit the desperation of claimants, process claims in an unreasonable amount of time, or fail to handle claims in a fair and responsible manner, the claimant may be able to take legal action against both the insurer and the party responsible for the accident.

With a wealth of professional knowledge, Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL Trial Attorneys has handled numerous cases involving major insurance companies. You must consult with an attorney before accepting any insurance compensation. Having legal representation will guarantee that the insurance pays you a just compensation. Additionally, with your attorney’s assistance, you will be prepared to handle any disputes or bad faith transactions pertaining to your claim in an effective manner.

Consider Working With A Car Accident Lawyer Client Reviews And Testimonials

Every wounded client we represent at the Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL & Levine is our top priority, and we strive to get them the best result possible. When past clients endorse our legal practice, they post evaluations and endorsements such as these:

  • Jessica D.: “There aren’t enough words to describe how appreciative we are of Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL & Levine for everything they’ve done for us.In November 2015, my spouse and I were involved in a horrific vehicle accident and were unsure of what to do.We will unquestionably suggest Anidjar & Levine to anyone in need of legal counsel.
  • Erika C.: “I retained Anidjar and Levine to handle an automobile accident case; throughout the process, Anidjar & Levine safeguarded my future and my character.went above and beyond the intended scope of their employment…These guys are the BEST attorneys; they are truly excellent.I heartily suggest this office. Thank you so much, they completed it!

How Our Car Accident Team In Jacksonville Can Help

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL In the course of managing your case, our attorneys for personal injury will:

  • Ensure that every correspondence regarding your case is handled to safeguard your legal rights.
  • provide you with updates on the status of your case
  • assemble proof of carelessness and culpability
  • Consult professionals as needed to support your claims.
  • Dispute any claims that you were partially negligent.
  • Record the losses and costs associated with the accident.

We recognize that due to the complexity of Florida law, it may be challenging to determine your rights and the merits of your case. Here’s where we get involved. For anyone injured in a car accident in Jacksonville, we provide a free consultation.

We Will Explain Your Options Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL

Based on the specifics of your situation and how they relate to the state’s no-fault auto insurance laws, we can discuss your choices.

Car Accident Lawyer in Jacksonville FL, we take on these situations on a contingent basis. Our staff never receives any legal costs from you personally. We only get compensated when we successfully secure you compensation. Your concern is improving. We handle all other matters.

We can guide you through the personal injury claims process and get you the money you need to pay for your damages at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine.

Is It Worth Hiring A Jacksonville Car Accident Attorney?

In our opinion, it is always worthwhile to retain the services of a car accident lawyer in Jacksonville to assist with your case. This is sound advice regardless of how serious your injuries are. Our lawyers can submit your third-party liability or PIP claim and pursue a just compensation that takes into account your actual damages.

The driver who is at fault in an accident frequently tries to deny liability for the crash damages when we file a claim against them. Denying responsibility and asserting that you were at blame for the accident is one of the most frequent ways this occurs. To reduce your involvement in the accident and the related losses, we will gather sufficient evidence and present a convincing case against the responsible party.

We can take action to safeguard you from this kind of usual insurance company strategy, guaranteeing that you will nevertheless have the ability to seek damages for your accident-related losses, costs, and injuries. Typical accusations of this kind consist of:

  • Due to your carelessness, you either caused or contributed to your injuries.
  • Not in the car accident, but in another incident that resulted in your injuries
  • Your recuperation was hampered because you did not receive proper medical attention or because you disregarded the advice of the physician.


Legal assistance is required when navigating the aftermath of an automobile accident in Jacksonville, Florida. An experienced automobile accident attorney may provide priceless assistance, guaranteeing that your rights are upheld and increasing the likelihood of a successful resolution.


  1. Do I need a lawyer after a minor car accident? A: Even minor accidents can have hidden complications. Consulting a lawyer can clarify your rights and potential compensation.
  2. How long do I have to file a car accident claim in Florida? A: In Florida, the statute of limitations for filing a car accident claim is generally four years from the date of the accident.
  3. Can I negotiate with insurance companies without a lawyer? A: While possible, having a lawyer can significantly enhance your negotiation power and ensure fair compensation.
  4. What if I can’t afford a car accident lawyer’s fees? A: Many lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay only if they win your case. Initial consultations are often free.
  5. What if the other party doesn’t have insurance? A: A lawyer can explore alternative options for compensation, such as uninsured motorist coverage or pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

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