South Carolina Common Law Marriage Get Help Now 2023

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South Carolina Common Law Marriage Get Help Now 2023


Common law marriage is a special and misunderstood legal institution in lovely South Carolina. This informal union may have major ramifications for couples who take this route that influence their rights and obligations. This complete guide will examine the prerequisites and legal protections for common-law weddings in South Carolina. Let’s explore this fascinating subject in detail.

The Historical Context

Understanding how common law has changed through time can be gained by comprehending the historical background of the institution in South Carolina. The origins of common law marriage can be found in the English legal system, where it was sanctioned as a valid form of union. Early American settlers introduced This custom to the New World, and South Carolina, like many other states, incorporated it into its legal system.

Understanding Law Marriage

It’s important to understand what common law marriage is before getting into the details.

What Is Law Marriage?

Common law marriage, often called marriage by habit and repute, is a nonconventional type of union in which a couple is regarded as legally wed even when there is no official ceremony or marriage license.

Requirements for a Valid Common Law Marriage

Intent to Marry

The intention to marry is the primary prerequisite for a common-law marriage in South Carolina. To become married, a couple must want to do so on both ends.


A major component of common law is cohabitation. A common-law marriage can only be established if the couple shares a home.

Reputation as a Married Couple

The couple must also be accepted as married in their neighborhood and recognized as spouses by their friends, family, and acquaintances.

Holding Out as Husband and Wife

The couple must present themselves to the public as husband and wife to establish a -law marriage. This involves referring to one another as spouses, sharing the same last name, and portraying oneself as a married couple.

Proof of Common Law Marriage

Because it frequently depends on various conditions and pieces of evidence, proving the existence of a common-law marriage can be difficult. Here are a few examples of how to prove a common-law marriage:

Joint Financial Accounts

The existence of joint financial accounts between you and your partner is a typical technique to establish a common law marriage. This includes pooled credit cards, joint bank accounts, and jointly filed tax returns. These financial documents can prove your desire to start a marriage.

Affidavits from Witnesses

Having sworn statements from friends, family, or acquaintances attesting to your relationship can be helpful. These declarations should include information on how long they’ve known you two as a couple and how you’ve conducted yourselves in public.

Documentation of Shared Assets

The evidence you gather about jointly owned property, such as property deeds, leases, or bills in both names, might help you make a stronger argument. These records show that you have combined your wealth and lifestyle.

South Carolina Common Law Marriage Get Help Now 2023

Rights and Responsibilities of Law Marriage

After establishing the prerequisites, let’s examine the rights and duties of a common-law marriage in South Carolina.

Property Rights

Both parties have rights to the property amassed during their union in the event of a common-law marriage. This consists of possessions like houses, vehicles, and investments.


Inheritance rights may also apply to common-law partners, enabling them to take possession of each other’s estates without a will.

Health Benefits

In South Carolina, a lot of firms offer health benefits to common-law partners, giving them the same access to healthcare as legally married couples.


In the unfortunate event that a common law dissolves, the couple will need to follow the same legal divorce procedures as couples who are legally married in order to divide assets and decide on child custody.

Protecting Your Rights

Even while common marriage can give you some rights and advantages, it’s important to be aware of any potential legal snares. Here are some things to think about:

It is advised to speak with a family law professional before engaging in a common law marriage or if you need clarification on your present situation. They can advise you on the legal ramifications and aid in your decision-making.

Consider a Written Agreement

A proactive measure could be to draft a written agreement detailing your aims and expectations. For both couples’ benefit and protection, this document can address issues including property distribution, inheritance, and child custody.

South Carolina Common Law Marriage Get Help Now 2023

The Importance of Dissolution

Common law divorce is a legal procedure that should not be disregarded. Failure to formally dissolve a marriage might lead to ongoing financial and legal issues. The right steps must be taken, usually by requesting a divorce through the South Carolina family court system.

The Future of Common Law Marriage

The status of common law marriage may alter as societal norms and legal viewpoints change. It’s crucial to be aware of any updates or changes to South Carolina’s legal framework for this unusual type of partnership.


Without a formal ceremony, South Carolina’s common law marriage system gives couples specific rights and obligations. Meeting the standards is necessary, though, and being aware of the repercussions is key. Consult a lawyer if you’re thinking about getting married under common law in South Carolina to make sure you understand the nuances of this complex process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a common law marriage recognized in all states?

No, not all states recognize common law marriages. It’s crucial to understand the specific laws in your state.

How can I prove the existence of a common law marriage?

Documentation, such as joint bank accounts, shared bills, and witness statements, can help establish the existence of a common law marriage.

No, to dissolve a common law marriage, you must go through the legal divorce process.

Are there any time limits for establishing a common law marriage in South Carolina?

There’s no specific time limit, but the longer you live together and present yourselves as a married couple, the stronger your case for a common law marriage.

Can same-sex couples enter into a common law marriage in South Carolina?

Yes, South Carolina recognizes common law marriages for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples.

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